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“Just Picture It” is a spinoff of Future Talk, also produced at the Midpeninsula Media Center, and hosted by Future Talk co-producer Mei Lin Fung. It's a social learning investigation into a future where the language of visuals and video will play a greater role in our lives. Each show looks into a different topic area highlighted by new ways of using visual language, lively discussion and passionate guests.
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The Spirit of Fiat Lux

Brian Donohue led a team of attorneys at the Office of Business Contracts at the University of California, Berkeley—who have pioneered the public service frontier and executed $1 billion of public service contracts in 15 years. He demonstrates how public service contracts can increase the value of universities on a city to statewide to national to international level. In this model, public service contracts could be a new and growing source of value-generation and revenue for colleges and universities, public and private.
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Eileen Clegg’s illustrations bring Brian Donohue’s vision for university involvement in public service to life. Through public service contracts, universities can use their assets in service to the public.
Fiat Lux, or “let there be light,” is UC Berkeley’s motto. Donohue’s book, The Spirit of Fiat Lux, illustrates the goal of institutions of higher learning: utilizing the spirit of the people to do good.
Now that UC Berkeley has the infrastructure to engage with the public through public service contracts, it is better integrated within its community, and can better serve the people.
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