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Examining the global impact of technology
The Future of Cars
This episode features a discussion on the future of automobiles. They’re a crucial part of our society and our economy, but they also cause problems that demand solutions, like pollution and urban congestion, and the fact that tens of thousands of people a year are killed in automotive accidents. The guest is Stephen Zoepf, Executive Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, or CARS, which brings together representatives of industry, academia and government to study how cars of the future can be more human friendly. With industry affiliate partners like GM, Ford and Toyota, CARS studies electric cars, solar cars, self driving “smart” cars and more, and reexamines all of the assumptions behind automotive transportation. Stephen has worked as an engineer and product manager at BMW and Ford, and has served on the technical staff of the U.S. Department of Transportation. He’s won numerous awards and honors, including the Barry McNutt award from the Transportation Research Board, the Singapore Global Challenge, and MIT's Infinite Mile Award for Outstanding Service to the Institute. Martin Wasserman hosts.