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New Directions in Nanotech
Nanotechnology is the study of matter at the smallest possible scale and has already produced many inventions that have benefited our everyday lives. in this episode of Future Talk, two prominent scientists discuss their work in nanotechnology. Z. X. Shen is the Paul Piggott Professor of Physical Sciences at Stanford University. A former Chief Scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, he’s also a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the winner of numerous awards, including the E. O. Lawrence Award from the U.S. Energy Department and the Einstein Professorship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Much of his work centers on superconductivity, which is the ability of electricity to move through wires without any loss of power due to resistance. Nicholas Melosh is Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford, and a winner of the National Science Foundation early career award. His work focuses on superconducting nanowires, arrays of microscopic wires that assemble themselves automatically using diamondoids (the smallest possible units of diamond) to keep them apart. Both men have their own laboratories at Stanford, where they train and mentor graduate students and postdoctoral students to be the next generation of scientists. Martin Wasserman hosts.